Christian Luna ~ Member Transformation & Weight Loss Journey

Christian Luna has been a member of Fitquest since February 2015.  Since he enrolled he has transformed his life from a man that was discouraged and unhealthy to a man that is full of confidence, strength, and health.  Christian came to us with the intent on losing weight, but gained so much more and has become an inspiration for other members and staff.

Testimonials are always the best advertisement any business could ask for.  Below is Christian’s testimonial from his initial results.

Ever since high school I’ve stopped exercising, which ended in gaining more than 50lbs. I’ve tried going back to the gym but I’ve never had the motivation to work out. I used to go into other gyms and “work out” but never saw any results which I just ended up giving up on losing weight. Then one day I tried to play soccer with my 5 year old, and I was so out of breath which came to the point that I needed to make drastic changes in my life. A close friend of mine convinced me to join Fitquest back in February, and at first my goal was to lose 10lbs by the end of the year. Well I ended up losing 20lbs in a month which gave me motivation to compete in my first Spartan Race; something that I would never thought I would be doing in my life. I believe that my success in losing weight was thankful to the great coaches and classes that Fitquest offers.

Fitquest is not your typical gym, everyone in here makes you feel like you’re part of the family. The coaches actually care about your well-being and reaching your goals. If you’re performing an exercise incorrectly they take the time to show you the proper way to execute it. Everyone including staff and peers motivates each other which make it fun to work out. Fitquest always has me doing new types of exercises that I had never done in my life, and every day it’s a different work out which I ended up loving it. Till this day I have lost 40lbs., I’ve become leaner, stronger, faster, and I’m full of energy. My journey is not over yet, my goal is to lose 20lbs, become faster, stronger, and start toning my body. Fitquest has helped me put my life back in track and will help you put yours as well. IF you’re looking for a place where you actually want to see results then Fitquest is the right place for you. Like Robert says, “Come get some!!!!”