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More Than Another Colorado Springs Gym

We hate to brag, but we are above and beyond just another Colorado Springs Gym. We offer so much more than just another gym membership. Does your Colorado Springs gym offer free personal training and coaching? Do they guarantee your fitness? We do! We believe in you and true transformation to your full potential health. We want you to be the very best version of you because you deserve it.  Fit Quest provides nutrition advice and even field trips to the health food store for counsel in how to eat right. Eating healthy does not have to be disgusting! We are fitness pros and this is directly linked to your diet. It is important to us for you to enjoy food and fitness!

Colorado Springs Gym

We believe in Variety 

At Fit Quest, we understand that everyone has different approach to fitness. That is why we offer a variety of ways to workout and enjoy your fitness routine or try something different all together. Here are some of the fitness classes we offer:


By using only body weight, your body becomes your tool for success. This class is adaptable for Beginning athletes. Make your body your machine.

Strength PLUS

As an introduction to weights, this class is the precursor to Strength & Conditioning. You will learn how to move your body through the right plane of motion with barbells, machines, and other weights.

FQ Boot Camp

With this full throtle, metabolic blasting work out, Coaches will keep you moving and active through the entire class. Athletes of all types are welcome!

TRX Bootcamp

Inspired by various TRX programing, this class specifically uses the TRX Suspension Trainer and the TRX RIP stick to deliver an action-packed, body-weight exercise routine. For Athletes of all types!

Dirty Thirty

A Quick 30 minute lunch time burn. Though small in time, this work out packs big results!

KickBoxing Meltdown

Reality based striking, kicking and kneeing in a safe structured setting, using all different skills and forms for self-defense.

Kettle Bell Bootcamp

This class teaches and developes skills utilizing Kettle Bells.  With innovative Kettle Bell workouts, you will leave needing a sweat rag.

Strength & Conditioning

Back to old school Strength & Conditioning class. Here Coaches utilize barbells and traditional weights paired with classical cardio conditioning.

Ab Sculpt

Core based abdominal class that focuses on the complete region; lower, upper, medial and oblique areas. If you’re looking to have a lean and sculpted midsection this class is for you!

Fit UP

High intensity workout including Olympic lifting, Barbells and Weights. Not for beginners, this class takes intermediate and advanced athletes through numerous heavy weight, complex movement exercises.

MMA Meltdown

Reality based striking, kicking and kneeing as well as, implemented loaded movement and plyometric movement in a safe structured setting, using all different skills and forms for self-defense.

Open Gym

Come get your swol on- on your own. No coach given work outs. Open space, open floor, open capabilities.

Get More from your Gym Colorado Springs! Come Get Some. Give us a call 719.375.5725 or sign up today.